Wedding band manufacturer Novell Design Studio brings innovation to its bridal jewelry collections. Novell has dedicated itself to tailoring its wedding band designs to individual tastes and lifestyles. Novell believes that no customer should ever have to settle for just what is on the shelf.

Launched 20 years ago in New York City’s legendary 47th street diamond district, Novell has grown in size but maintains the capabilities and quality standards of a custom jewelry house.

Novell can create most Novell wedding band styles in platinum, palladium or gold — and in different widths and finishes. Combining features from several styles to create a one-of-a-kind design or using stones from a family heirloom is not a problem. All Novell wedding bands are made one at a time (and usually by hand) on premise at its fabrication facility.

Novell Design Collection

Willow Glen Diamond Company in San Jose, California is an authorized Novell wedding band retailer. Stop by to see our collection of Novell diamond engagement rings and Novell wedding bands at our store in San Jose’s beautiful Willow Glen shopping district.