Michael Daniels Goldsmiths

Michael Daniels Goldsmiths developed a proprietary combination of heat, pressure, forging and carving to bring bold Mokume Gane designs to the consumer jewelry market. Willow Glen Diamond Company is please to offer Michael Daniels’ stunning Makume Gane collection to San Jose jewelry customers.

Northern California goldsmiths Michael Parrish and Daniel Jenkins founded the Michael Daniels Collection in 2000. They gave up a successful ten-year custom jewelry business to produce jewelry out of mixed precious metals in the mokume gane tradition. The simple, elegant designs can be seen at Willow Glen Diamond Company in San Jose.

Mokume gane (moh’-coo-may gah’-neh) is the art of fusing layers of precious metals to form a single piece with distinctive markings (Mokume in Japanese means “wood grain”; gane means “metal”). It was first developed in feudal Japan by the 17th Century mastersmith Denbei Shoami. The makume gane style was originally applied in decorative elements for Japanese swords. The pattern-welded steel blades constituted one of the highest art forms in Japan at that time

In the 1970s, a few modern artisans studied with mastersmiths in Japan and brought the art to the West. Michael Daniels has taken this ancient art to a new level. Goldsmith Michael Parrish has developed dozens of new alloys that are used exclusively in Michael Daniels’ Mokume collection. Using advanced and original techniques, incorporating as many as seven alloys in jewelry designs, results in unique patterns found exclusively in Michael Daniels Mokume collection, examples of which can be seen at our San Jose jewelry store.

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