Engagement Rings

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Engagement rings by Tacori.


Engagement rings range from simple to ornate, and classical to contemporary. All engagement rings consist of a center stone and a setting, the metal band that holds the stones. Engagement rings are generally made of gold or platinum and have diamonds or gem stones. An engagement ring with three stones in known as a “trio.” The center stone is frequently larger than the side stones for a tapered effect. A white center stone is sometimes contrasted with colored side stones.


Ancient Egyptians believed that the vena amoris or “vein of love” connected the fourth finger of the left hand directly to the heart. A betrothal ring, often of hemp, leather or ivory, signified the unity of this connection.

When Alexander the Great conquered Egypt in 332 BC, bridal rings began to be made of metal. The Romans used iron as their metal of choice. Wedding and betrothal rings were not commonplace in the Roman Empire until the 2nd Century. Gold and silver rings were sometimes given as a symbol of trust between a husband and wife. In 17th century England, rings were often worn on the thumb. Gauls and wore their rings on the middle finger.


In North America and the UK, an engagement ring is traditionally worn on the left hand’s ring finger. In Ukraine, the ring is customarily worn on the right hand. In Germany the ring is worn on the left hand while engaged and moved to the right hand when married. In Poland, the engagement ring and wedding band are traditionally worn on the right hand but modern practice varies considerably.

Engagement ring.