Benchmark is a manufacturer of classic wedding rings and engagement rings in platinum and gold, as well as an innovator in contemporary metals and designs. Benchmark believes quality comes from craft and that craft comes from precision. Meticulously planning begins on the drawing board, where creativity unites with functionality to produce the very finest of wedding bands.

Benchmark wedding rings are available at the Willow Glen Diamond Company in San Jose, California.

Benchmark wedding rings

Argo Collection

The Argo™ collection offers a wide assortment of designs in Argentium silver. Argentium is the most advanced silver available. Due to a special alloy (Germanium) exclusively found in Argentium Silver, Benchmark’s Argo™ rings are tarnish-resistant.

Benchmark’s Timelines Collection
Rings to mark special occasions and passages in life, so that they will be remembered and treasured forever. For any occasion, Benchmark has a ring for it.

Classic Wedding Bands by Benchmark
Benchmark classic wedding ring bands are smooth and sleek polished bands but they are far from ‘plain’. Benchmark’s Comfort-Fit technology provides superior comfort while maintaining a classic appearance.

Contemporary Metals Collection
Benchmark’s FORGE collection creates rings from contemporary metals such as titanium, seranite, tungsten and cobalt.

Benchmark’s LoveStones™ Collection
A wide variety of gorgeous diamond bands that feature a combination of modern designs with traditional heritage.

Visit Willow Glen Diamond Company on Lincoln Avenue in San Jose’s Willow Glen shopping district to see Benchmark wedding rings up close.

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